The most authentic Thai meals this side of Bangkok
3 US Rt 15 Dillsburg PA
(717)  502-8717
There is no MSG in anything we make.
Home Menu Directions
Pakha’s Thai House is a friendly place for the individual. family,
and a group party.  All meals are prepared using no MSG and
only original seasonings.  You can order your meal seasoned as
warm, medium, hot, or  WOW.
Thai cuisine featuring an abundance of fresh vegetables, chicken,
seafood, and pork.  In addition to an abundance of vegetables,
Thai chefs frequently use curry, coconut milk, and fresh herbs in
their dishes. A popular Thai food, Pad Thai, consists of sauteed
rice noodles with shrimp, bean sprout, eggs, scallions, and Thai

Like the flavor of the food, the decor of the restaurant is strictly Thai.
Ornate figurines, knickknacks, posters, colorful pictures and other
Thailand memorabilia tastefully transport dinners to another world.